Please join the staff, faculty and current families for an open house on March 3 from 1-3 pm. We are excited to share with everyone the wonders of Montessori. Be prepare to get excited. 

Montessori is the perfect choice for those who are looking for an option to traditional school. When you visit you will see some of the wonderful things we are, but what you may not see is some of what we "are not".  We are not a education system that believes in testing children, either weekly, monthly, etc... or by the state of Ohio, to determine the success of children.  The children demonstrate to their teachers they have mastered skills before they are ever moved on to a new concept in the first place and they have done this as an individual, not as a class. At Alexandria your child becomes responsible for his or her education, not you! The learning and work happens at school, not at home. No home work. That's right, no homework. Children become fully responsible for their education by planning their day, choosing their work, and the order in which they will do their work. The work they are choosing is fully based in the Montessori curriculum. No Common Core here. 

Come meet parents who can share their Montessori experiences, meet the teachers, see the beautiful classrooms. 

Karen Graham